With a modest home recording studio at my disposal and so far no time to really use it, I felt I should do some Christmas greetings in audible format. I ended up recording “A visit from St. Nick”, also known as ” ‘Twas the night before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore / Henry Livingston Jr.

Although I wanted to record all sounds effects myself, I ended up sticking to putting fireplace sounds in the background only. Getting a proper recording of just the text already took me 3 hours..

The background sound was recorded by “Hansende” and is available on FreeSound.

Also, I should thank my fiancée who recently got her PhD in linguistics, and gave me useful pointers on improved aspiration of my fortis plosives (p, t, k) and the meter of the poem.

Without further ado, I wish you all a happy holiday season! You can listen to the recording here:

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