Comet Neowise from the Scheveningen shore

When I was a kid, I had a cheap refractor telescope and was a member of my high school astronomy club. The Netherlands is, however, one of the most light polluted countries in the world, and it is not without reason that I have a mug with this comic printed on its side:

Translation: “Fokke and Sukke had risen especially early for this. What a spectacular cloud transition!” – Source:
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Tromsø: a beautiful place in Northern Norway

From 12 October – 19 October, my wife and I spent a week in Tromsø (Tromso) in Northern Norway. October is definitely not the busiest time of the year, as most tourists gravitate to either the midnight sun season or the polar night season. Moreover, October is Tromsø’s wettest month, and is notorious for its cloud coverage that hide the northern lights behind a white veil. Nonetheless, we had an amazing time visiting the city and the area. Here are our tips for a trip to this area in October.

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I am moving to the Fuji X system

At the Printer Attic I recently published an article titled ‘How the cameras that I use change with how I approach photography’. When I started shooting on large format film, I obtained the possibility to manipulate every sheet entirely to my liking with the print I wanted to make in mind — completely independent from the other pictures I took that day. It made that I slowly moved away from medium format, and started to dislike shooting roll film and 35 mm altogether. When I go out to shoot, I go with making a print in mind. For more casual shooting or vacations, I take a digital camera. The sheer bulk and weight of my digital kit (Canon 6D, Sigma 24-35 mm f/2 and Canon 70-200 mm f/4 USM L) are disproportional to this purpose for me. The bag was left at home, or became a nuisance more than a joy when I went out. I ended up selling the kit in order to replace it with a smaller, and lighter set. 

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