I enjoy making custom content for Dungeons and Dragons, fifth edition. Below you will find a collection of the things I used in one of our home games so far. Feel free to use them in your games and let me know how it worked out.

The items on this page are unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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Magic Items

Ring of the Stupidly Brave (Uncommon)

A silver ring with very simple engravings of a stick figure running towards a firebreathing dragon.

If the bearer of this ring has an Intelligence of 9 or lower, it is immune to being frightened.

Requires attunement

Ring of Communication (Uncommon)

The bearer of this ring can use the Message cantrip. The recipient needs to be wearing another Ring of Communication to be able to receive the message.

Wand of the Appraiser (Rare)

This wand points towards the most valuable object within sight and within 30 ft from the bearer. It ignores items that the bearer carries while holding the wand. The user feels a small force that pushes the hand in the right direction until the wand points exactly towards the object. The wand does not provide any indication of the nature of the object or its actual value. It requires a free hand to use.

Dagger of Smothered Cries (Rare)

On a hit, this dagger absorbs the cries of pain of its target. The energy of the cry is stored in the dagger, which can hold a maximum of 3 cries. On a successful hit, the wielder can choose to release the stored energy. Each stored cry adds +1 thunder damage. When the stored energy is released, the previously smothered cries are audible within a radius of 100 ft. All stored energy is released at once and cannot be divided.

If the capacity of three stored cries is reached, additional cries are no longer suppressed.


1d4 piercing damage, finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60 ft)

Rock of the Compelled Duel (Rare)

A cubic, black rock of 5 cm (2″) on each side with a smooth and polished surface.

Use a bonus action to perform a ranged attack on a creature.

On a hit, the creature takes 1 point of bludgeoning damage and has to focus its attention on you for its next 3 turns. During this duration, it has disadvantage on attacks on others.

On a critical hit, the creature takes 2 points of bludgeoning damage. The duration increases to 6 turns.

The creature loses its forced focus on you, when

  1. you attack another creature;
  2. you use a spell against another creature other than yourself;
  3. the creature is attacked by one of your allies.

Potion of Lesser Healing (Common)

You regain 1d4 + 1 Hit Points when you drink this potion. The potion’s pale red liquid glimmers faintly when agitated.

A Potion of Lesser Healing is often a diluted Potion of Healing.

Elixer of Protective Healing (Uncommon)

Upon drinking this elixer, you regain 1d4 + 1 Hit Points. You also gain resistance to the following damage types:

1d6Damage type
1Fire + Cold
2Acid + Poison
3Bludgeoning + Force
4Piercing + Slashing
5Lightning + Radiant + Thunder
6Necrotic + Psychic

The resistance fades after you take damage from one of these damage types.

For example, if you gained resistance to Fire + Cold damage, both resistances fade when you take either Fire or Cold damage.

Classes and backgrounds

Cleric Divine Domain: Food

One of the players has a background as a dietitian in real life and wanted to incorporate that in her character. I homebrewed the Food Domain for her (because Clerics don’t have enough domains already).

Download the PDF

Background: The Toymaker

One of my players is playing an artificer. For her we homebrewed a custom background: The Toymaker. It is a blend between the Guild Artisan and The Entertainer backgrounds from the Player’s Handbook.

Download the PDF

Optional Warlock Feature: Summon Tentacles

One of the players is a Warlock with a bit of a viking theme. After making tentacles miniatures I felt this was a nice flavor optional feature to try out.

Download the PDF

Worked out rules for Travel over Land

I summarized the most important rules for Travel over Land in my campaign in a separate document. I added homebrew rules for constitution saving throws for exhaustion caused by travel, and added two horse breeds that are intended for long distance travel. They give the rider advantage on constitution saving throws for exhaustion or have a higher travel speed. This gives a small advantage and reduction in travel times: a rider can either push on for a few extra hours of travel with a smaller risk of exhaustion or travel at a higher pace.

Download the PDF

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