I am moving to the Fuji X system

At the Printer Attic I recently published an article titled ‘How the cameras that I use change with how I approach photography’. When I started shooting on large format film, I obtained the possibility to manipulate every sheet entirely to my liking with the print I wanted to make in mind — completely independent from the other pictures I took that day. It made that I slowly moved away from medium format, and started to dislike shooting roll film and 35 mm altogether. When I go out to shoot, I go with making a print in mind. For more casual shooting or vacations, I take a digital camera. The sheer bulk and weight of my digital kit (Canon 6D, Sigma 24-35 mm f/2 and Canon 70-200 mm f/4 USM L) are disproportional to this purpose for me. The bag was left at home, or became a nuisance more than a joy when I went out. I ended up selling the kit in order to replace it with a smaller, and lighter set. 

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Nothing worse than an empty page

You probably got here after clicking on ‘Blog’ in the top menu. Unfortunately, there is not much to see here at the moment. I am currently working on rebuilding this site and writing new content.

In the future you can expect blog posts on a broad range of topics. As this is my personal website, there will be no specific theme and the only common denominator will be me. I will be writing about projects that I am working on, technical problems I have encountered, books I’ve read, recipes I have tried, cameras I have bought and pictures I have taken. If those are things that interest you, I would like to ask you to keep an eye on this page and come back later.